The Voice of A Silent Heart

Welcome to My Sunday Confessions!

First of all, I would like to say hello to the WordPress Community! Hello!!! (Alright, let’s stop being weird, we’re creeping the kids out.)

Second of all, I would like to formally start with an open introduction.

What is this going to be?

According to the name, My Sunday Confessions, every single week that passes by will have its own journal.

Meaning, you will have a peek at my daily life (although not too much because I am secretive, sorry about that), my insight in life, my personality and most of all, my weekly confessions.

Updates at 12 PM, Sunday. Not midnight because I don’t want you to be creeped out by ghosts while reading my blogs.

Also, don’t make it a habit of sleeping later than 10:00 PM, you’ll ruin your health. And if you’re still a kid, you’ll be dealing with height problems.

No one wants to be bullied, especially in middle school, due to their heights.

Who is this weirdo?

Hi! *scares you from behind*

I am nothing but a school nerd.

Nerds wear glasses, I do.

Nerds get many As on their report cards, I do (not to brag).

Majority of nerds are girls, I am a girl too.

But to tell you the truth, I hate being called that. It’s actually my first time admitting it. Even though my classmates rub it to my face almost all the time.

So what does this weird nerd want to tell?

Oh, not that much. Just gonna show the world that she stands up for introverts and how she views the world.

Another fun fact, I’m actually a former Wattpad writer until I remember quitting two years ago. Oh yes, the famous writing site that you can freely join whether you want just pure exposure or you’re just strating out (A free non-sponsored advertisement).

So, you might have noticed by now, I’m quick to press that space bar. Well, we call that Wattpad or modern style of writing.

Having more than 4-5 lines is already too much. Basically, your readers are going to have eye fatigue and quit out of your book.

To find out what I mean, please take the time to read the next paragraph.

(P. S. Have fun.)

This is just the beginning; don’t get too excited. Sure, it might not sound like a big deal until you can see more than what your eyes focus on. Then you accidentally view the real size of this supposedly “small” paragraph. Or… you could have purposely done it. This will bug you and irritate your eyes unless you’re a grandpa who grew up reading newspapers that have twelve lines per paragraph during his times. Congratulations if you’ve made it this far! I salute you for your eyesight and patience but to my sorry, there are still more to endure reading through. Stay tuned. As I was sying, thank you so much for bearing with me. That you’re still reading this. Some have probably skipped this long message. Well, it hurts your eyes after all. It’s even worse for the phone because of radiation. Your eyes can’t relax because if you did, you’ll lose progress. But let the good news reacg you, finally, this is the last one.

Now, close your eyes for one to three minutes for relaxation.

That’s better.

If you skipped that one or read through the hardship, well then, haha. Both of you got irritated because it was too long.

So which line did you give up on?